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At On Point we will deliver what we promise. We do not make any false promise of guaranteeing you a definite score in any examination but what we promise you is that we will help you in fulfilling your potential in the examination by preparing you in the best possible manner. We will not guarantee you a visa for any country but we assure you that we will leave no stone unturned in preparing you for the final hurdle. We will not lead you into believing that we will provide you a job in the destination country but we will make sure that you are equipped with the skills that will help you find a job no matter where you go.
The one thing that you can rest about On Point is the authenticity in the work we do. On Point does not believe in preparing fake documents. On Point will provide you with genuine services with the most reasonable service charge in the country.


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Who We Are

Who We Are

JEF is a one-step solution for all your educational and career counseling needs. Established by young entrepreneurs, who prefer to call themselves educationists, JEF plans to fill the void in the Nepali educational and career counseling field. At JEF, we believe in listening to you first. We listen to your aspirations, your interests and your goals. And of course, we do analyze your academic and financial backgrounds. We know that every individual is different and has his or her own needs. After we have had a healthy discussion with you and are aware of what you are searching for, we then look for the best possible options and advise you on the best way to forward.

Vision & Mission

Administering a professional business related to peoples futures requires a high level of duty of care, professionalism, ethics and integrity. However, nowadays business is being considered only as means of monetary success. In its opposition, we strongly believe that a professional business is all about creating values for its clients delivering legitimate outcomes for them and providing them reliable service and care.
We maintain higher level of professional ethics, integrity and customer care. While serving our clients we also respect and honor the law of the land in which we operate. Moreover, our counseling is based on the facts on which clients can utterly rely. Likewise, in order to save your precious time and finance we only accept clients for whom there is a reasonable chance of success.
We have fostered a primary faith that clients success is our accomplishment. Our glorious decade long journey is the outcome of the same faith.
We continue to operate with the highest possible customer care, professional ethics, integrity, and follow-up services. We value our clients satisfaction and loyalty towards us more than anything else.

Educational Counseling

Educational counseling

JANUKA Education Foundation will generate and disburse resources to enrich and expand programs that empower all learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for success.

University & college search

Visa Preparation Classes

Visa preparation classes

Documentation Guide

Documentation Guide

Pre-departure Briefing

Pre-departure briefing

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Your decision to study abroad is a good one, provided your application to your chosen destination country is backed by your profile, background, preference and experience. Studying abroad provides a fantastic opportunity to pursue your future career path. You may want to study abroad for a combination of reasons such as academic prowess, career and employment opportunities or something as simple as personal enrichment. For this you may need detailed information on required qualifications and what the educational framework of each destination country is like. When it comes to planning international study, keep in mind your personal objectives while looking at key issues such as course availability, entry requirements, projected outcomes, costs, course duration, academic content, employment options during study and so on.
From studying abroad, you will gain skills and qualifications which will benefit your up and coming professional career as well as other intangible assets like cultural experience, new contacts, sporting pursuits, travel and sightseeing and much more.

Study Abroad

Study In Japan

JAPAN has an international reputation of its academic environment and a learning style that encourages you to be creative and think independently.

Study In Australia

The Australian approach to vocational and technical education is now recognised as among the best and most innovative in the world.

Study In New Zealand

New Zealand, an English speaking nation,is famous for its amazing scenery.It offers a safe learning environment .

Study In Europe

If you’re a prospective international student planning to study in Europe at bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level, you may well be eligible for a scholarship.

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Januka Education

The guiding principle at On Point is providing Exam Preparation & Placement services.that are on par with the very best & always focus on betterment of student, Quality Service, Affordable fees etc & believe that team work, integrity, innovativeness.

Januka Education
Our Mission
Januka Education

- Correct guidance in every step of documentation.
- Expertise counseling team.
- Reliable and Trustworthy.
- Best possible service.
- Friendly Behavior.
- Guaranteed visa with genuine documents.
- Keen to make your dreams come true

Januka Education
Why Us
Januka Education

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Januka Education
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